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Joseph W. Sullivan – CEO

All Service Electric

Mr. Sullivan has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of All Service Electric’s since 1989. Prior to his employment with All Service Electric, he had served in the capacities of an electrician, foreman, general foreman, superintendent, estimator, and project manager for other local electrical contractors. Over the last 30 years, he has been directly involved in all aspects of the electrical service and construction industry. Today in addition to the responsibilities of President and CEO, his role on this management team is to assist in areas of public relations, marketing and facilitating the company’s continued effort to provide unprecedented customer service.

Mr. Sullivan is a Florida and Georgia State Certified Electrical Contractor and has been the primary qualifying agent for All Service Electric for the past 22 years. Over the years he has procured multiple other Master Electricians licenses related to the industry that have further provided him with specialized qualification levels.

In addition to his corporate responsibilities, he serves on the board of Directors for the Duval County Master Electricians Association. He is a proud sponsor in the Northeast Florida Builders Association and continues to support their electrical apprenticeship programs. He is a strong advocate of this association and promotes the importance of apprenticeship training to all employees starting in the electrical trade and interested in working for his company.

Mr. Sullivan grew up in Jacksonville and completed his education locally. After completing school, he eagerly accepted an opportunity to work for a top local electrical contractor. There he worked his way up from entry level, all the way through to management. Along the way he accepted every opportunity and challenge provided to him that would help further develop his skills and knowledge in all aspects of the electrical industry. Even today, he continues to use the daily challenges that arise to help further build a stronger mind and company then the day before. He promotes the fact that we have to use these experiences to build from and to use the skills we develop along the way to continually prefect our company model to provide the outstanding service that customers are looking for.

Mr. Sullivan expresses daily that his driving force over the years could not have been achieved if not for the unconditional support of his wife of 26 years and two wonderful daughters. He say’s “Family provides purpose”.

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